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Tuula Wallatsaari (1944 - 2015) was a Finnish art painter, who in her art used primarily oil colours but also acrylic ones and mixed technic. Her career extented over 30 years.

As her mentors she mentioned especially professor Onni Oja (1909 - 2004) and the Hungarian Ferenc Ruttka (1923 - ). 


A human being can not possess a physical age.

Time is three-dimensional.

And since time is three-dimensional

space can not be absolute

but one of the manifestations of the time. 



I surely could do any work but

nothing else could possibly produce such a frantic joy as painting does.

My paintings are all abstractions

so giving names to them is impossible, even violent.

I still do not wish my work to be treated as abstractions

 – to me they represent a direct relationship to life. 


Painting is a power source to me and making pictures is a way to exist.



Tuula Wallatsaari